Maggie Oakes

Settled in hotel William Gray, Maggie Oakes is a brand new Old Montreal grill. The menu, conceived by Top Chef Contestant and local cuisinier Derek Bocking, lets simple ingredients sing in a manner only the kitchen maestro could. House-cured charcuterie and dry-aged cuts balance out with an arsenal of colourful veg.

Inviting guests off bustling Place Jaques Cartier, the restaurant’s handsome interior includes art deco frills, a green wall where fresh herbs sprout, a sprawling bar and space for up to 150 guests. The curbside terrace puts you out in the open with artists, vibrant street performers and an energy that seems to flow in right from the stunning Saint Lawrence.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant aims to breathe new life onto the historic stretch. Discover the menu!


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