Celebrate the Holiday season in Old Montreal!

Enjoy the holiday magic with our selection of the best place to have festive and unforgettable moments. Whether it is for brunch, dinner or New Year’s Eve party, it is the season to meet up and share an amazing feast. It is the best way to bring holiday cheer everywhere you go and spend some time with your loved ones.

Maggie Oakes - Mignardises
Maggie Oakes - Christmas Log
Bevo - Pizza Kit
Gift Card
Spa William Gray - Treatments & Massages
Rainspa - Treatments and massages
Spa William Gray - Boutique
Rainspa - Boutique
NELLi - Reusable mug
Bevo - Apron
Kyo Bar Japonais - Holiday Dinner
Maggie Oakes - Holiday Brunch
Pincette - New Year's Eve
Pincette - Holiday Dinner
Pincette - Holiday Lunch
Pincette - Holiday Brunch
NELLi - New Year's Brunch
NELLi - New Year's Eve
NELLi - Christmas Dinner
NELLi - Christmas Brunch
Taverne Gaspar - Holiday Dinner
BEVO - Dinner
Taverne Gaspar - Holiday Brunch
Modavie - New Year's Eve
Modavie - Holiday Brunch and Lunch
Jacopo - New Year's Eve
Jacopo - Holiday Menu
Jacopo - Holiday Brunch
Vieux-Port Steakhouse - Holiday Brunches
Brasserie 701 - Holiday Brunch
Brasserie 701 - New Year's Eve
Vieux-Port Steakhouse - Holiday Table d'hôte
Méchant Bœuf - New Year's Eve
Méchant Bœuf - Holiday Menu
Bevo - New Year's Eve
Kyo Bar Japonais - New Year's Eve
Maggie Oakes - New Year's Eve
Maggie Oakes - Holiday Menu
Taverne Gaspar - New Year's Eve
Modavie - Holiday Dinner
Brasserie 701 - Holiday Menu